On-line forum opened!

We have opened on-line forum for participants of our project. We are sorry for the delay caused by delays from EU and later finding of participants than we expected.

(We have still a few free places for Youth Exchange itself – so if you are interested in, contact us right away.)

Still a few free places!

We have still a few free places for participants. So fill in our Application immediately if you want to participate in this project! And tell about it to your friends, that they can participate too!

You can buy tickets now!

Participants from Germany and Spain can buy their tickets now. We are sorry that you couldn’t buy it before, but we hadn’t the official agreement about our grant/project. But we have it now!

Our project is supported from EU – in the Erasmus+ programme with number 2014-2-CZ01-KA105-001855.


More information

You can find here now all most important information. If you are not satisfied and you want some more, write us!

Simona – simona.zimovaATgmail.com

Naty – natalie.friedovaATgmail.com

Karel – k.kolarATemail.cz

P.S.: We are sorry for a bit slower start than we expected. It’s caused by slower process of acceptance of our project.